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Cement & Material Testing Equipment

Vicat Needle Apparatus

Vicat Needle Apparatus used in testing of cement in cement industry or construction site. We are manufacture the vicat needle as per IS specifications. It consist of set of needle, glass plate, sample mould & unit. It is easy to operate. Vicat needle apparatus used for finding initial & Final setting time.

Blaine air permeability

Blaine air permeability apparatus is used for determining the fitness of cement. It is consist of stand, manometer mounted on the stand, plunger, stopper, disc. It is easy to operate. For more information, contact us.

Digital Vibrating Machine

we are manufacture digital vibrating machine . Vibrating machine is used for compaction of cube mould of 7.06cm. it is easy to operate. it is construct as per IS Standard. It is fitted with 1/2hp motor which coupled to give 12000 +/- 400 vibration per minutes. it is works on 220V AC supply. Digital timer is fitted for easily reading .it is provided with one no. mould of 7.06cm. also available with manual timer.

Specific Gravity Apparatus

It consist of angle frame covered with door at the front. At the top ,Balance is fitted with hook which is suspended for the wire basket . the container is provided at the bottom which fitted with chain system at the side. The handle is provided at the side of the frame for the moving of the container Up & down in between the frame with help of chain system.

Test Sieve

The sieve for the coarse aggregate is made of G.I.Sheet of 30cm dia. size of the mesh are from 125mm to 2.36mm For the fine aggregate , sieve is made of Brass of 20cm dia. with size from 10mm to 25micron. Also sieve of 45cm dia. G.I. sheet made is available .