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Laboratory Equipment

Muffle Furnace

Heating element are made of KANTHAL wire. Energy regulator is fitted in the Furnace. Complete with Pyrometer, Thermocouple, Silver thermal fuse & works on 220V. Maximum working temperature upto 900oC.
  • Size: 100x100x225mm
  • Other size also available.

Water Bath

Made of Inside chamber S.S & outside M.S. , temperature controlled by thermostat From room temp. to 95oC. works on 220V.
  • Size: 300x250x100mm.
  • Other size also available.

Electric Oven

Electric Oven are works on 220V Single Phase. Oven was used in various industry from research laboratory, construction site, food & steel industry & many more. We have various model of electric oven from inside chamber of aluminum & also from stainless steel. It is controlled by thermostat from ambient to190-200C. Also digital controlled also available.
Oven are available in mainly three sizes:
  • 30x30x30cm inside chamber
  • 35x35x35cm inside chamber
  • 45x45 x45cm inside chamber