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Total Stations

The Total Stations, offered by us, mainly come in two models which are the Reflector-less and Prism models. The Reflector-less Total Station can work without prism up to 300 m and require prisms after that, while the Prism Total Stations models work with prism only. With its basic work on the window, the Total Stations are studded with numerous features as well. Total Stations are used in tunnel measurement, road works, dam sites, construction sites and various road projects.
Features Of Total Stations
  • LCD touch screen
  • SD card
  • USB interface
  • In-built software for transferring complex jobs to graphical operation
  • Accuracy of 2 seconds
  • Minimum reading time of 1 second
  • Also available with laser plummet or optical plummet
Total Stations Consist Of
  • Tripod stand
  • Single prism and prism pole
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Box

Auto Level CSTECH AL-24 with 'KDKCO' Aluminum Tripod Stand.

  • Auto Level has 24x magnification
  • Magnetic Compensator
  • Image : Erect
  • Minimum Focus: 0. 6m
  • Stadia Ratio: 100
  • Circular Level Sensitivity:10' (2mm)
  • Standard Deviation for 1Km Double Run Leveling : (+/-)2. 0mm

Aluminum Levelling Staff

Size Available
  • 4meterx3section
  • 5meter x3section
  • 6meter x3section
  • 4mx4section
  • 5mx5section
  • 6m x5section