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Soil Testing Equipments

Proctor Mould

Proctor Mould made of Gun Metal of size: 10cm dia. & 15cm dia. it is used for compaction of soil in three layer with the help of proctor hammer of size 2.6Kg or 4.89 Kg. Being made of gun metal, it has long life than mild steel mould.
Proctor mould made of mild steel also available.

DCP Apparatus

DCP Apparatus are used for the testing of soil. The apparatus consist of frame with one meter scale attached , spare rod, cone & weight about 8kg . The whole instrument are nicely pack in wooden box.

Proctor Compaction Apparatus

It consist of compaction mould 100mm dia x1000cc volume complete with collar . Rammer 2.6kgx310mm free fall It is manufacture as per IS standard. For heavy compaction, compaction mould 150mm dia. x2250cc volume, rammer 4.89kg is also used.

Sand Replacement Apparatus

It is used for soil testing. It consist of sand pouring cylinder fitted with conical funnel, cylindrical calibrating container 10cm dia. & square tray of 30x30cms with central hole of 10cm dia.

Also other size of 15cm dia. & 20cm dia. are available.

CBR Apparatus Hand Operated

It is used for soil testing. It consist of load frame 50KN, CBR Mould MS 150mm dia. x175mmht. with collar & base plate, penetration piston, didplacer block, Surcharge Weight 2.5Kg, Perforated plate, rammer 2.6kg, Dial Gauge 25x0.01mm, Proving Ring 30KN with our caliberation certificate.