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Bitumen Testing Equipment
Bitumen Extractor hand Operated Bitumen Extractor Electrical Operated Marsh Cone Apparatus
KDKCO' Core Cutting machine Bitumen Penetrometer Digital Standard Penetrometer
Marshal Stability Apparatus

Compression Testing Machine
Hand Operated Compression testing machine Electrical Operated Compression testing machine with single gauge Electrical Operated Compression testing machine with three gauge
Electrical Operated Compression testing machine with Flexure machine Electrical Operated Compression testing machine with Pressure Gauge & Digital gauge Digital Compression testing machine
Compression testing machine Plate Model

Cement & Material Testing Equipment
Vicat Needle Apparatus Blaine air permeability Digital Vibrating Machine
Specific Gravity Apparatus Test Sieve Riffle Sample Divider
Los Angeles apparatus Flakiness & Elongation Gauge Wheel Barrow

Laboratory Equipment
Muffle Furnace Water Bath Electric Oven
Double Disc Polishing Machine Jack KDKCO' Variable Double Disc Polishing Machine

Concrete testing Equipments
Compaction Factor Apparatus Cube Mould Pan Mixer
Laboratory Concrete Mixer Concrete Permeability Apparatus Air Entrainment Meter
Flow table Vertical Capping set Sand Absorption Cone
Curing Tank Concrete strength Testing Machine Sieve shaker
Cylindrical Measure Vibrating Table Slump Cone Apparatus

Surveying Equipment
Total Stations Auto Level CSTECH AL-24 with 'KDKCO' Aluminum Tripod Stand. Aluminum Levelling Staff
Wooden Levelling Staff Vernier Theodolite Measuring Wheel /rodometer
Digital Theodolite

Soil Testing Equipments
Cone Penetrometer Extration Machine Viberberg penetrometer
Rapid Mositure Meter Liquid Limit Apparatus Electrical operated Liquid Limit Apparatus Hand operated
Proctor Mould DCP Apparatus Proctor Compaction Apparatus
Sand Replacement Apparatus CBR Apparatus Hand Operated

Material Testing Equipment
Aggregate Impact Value Apparatus Deval Abrasion testing Machine Riffle Sample Divider