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Concrete testing Equipments

Cylindrical Measure

We are manufacture & supplier of cylindrical measure . It is made of mild steel with handle at the both sides for easy to lift. measure is used for determine the bulk density or unit weight of aggregates. it is avaiable in mainly in 30, 15 or 3liter set.
  • Other sizes are also avaiable 5liter, 10 liter,20liter

Vibrating Table

we are offer to customers our vibrating table . Table is used for compacting of cube mould . Vibrating table 50x50cm size is used for 4nos. cube mould. it is angle structure with table at the top, at the centre of table, x-cross with handle is provided which prevent cube from falling at the time of vibration., the pully arrangement fitted at the bottom of frame which permit the frequency tove varied sleplessly between 3600 vibration down to 2600 vibration per minutes.
  • Vibrating table can be supplied with different sizes of table top as required by customer.

Slump Cone Apparatus

It is used for determining the workability of concrete . Consist of Slump Cone 20cm bottom dia. & 10cm top dia. with handle, Base plate & tamping rod 16mm dia. & 60cm long.

Beam Mould

  • It is used for testing beam used in airport, pavement & highway project.
  • It is made of cast iron complete with base plate,
  • Size: 10x10x50cm, 15x15x70cm.


The apparatus consists of a rectangular-section box in the shape of an ‘L’, with a vertical and horizontal section, separated by a moveable gate, in front of which vertical lengths of reinforcement bar are fitted. It is made of mild steel which duly painted. It use for Self Compacting concrete.


It use for Self Compacting concrete.