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Concrete testing Equipments

Sand Absorption Cone

It consist of conical metal cone of 37mm dia. at the bottom & 87mm at the top. The tamper having a flat circular face of 25mm dia

Curing Tank

Curing Tank is used for cube mould at the construction laboratory site. Curing tank are mainly available for 6 cubes or 12 cubes. It is rectangle tank fitted with heater at the bottom of the tank & connected with tullu pump for the circulation of water. Temperature is controlled by digital temperature controller which is fitted at the side of the tank as shown in picture. We manufacture with good quality material for long life.

Concrete strength Testing Machine

Manufactured as per IS 516- 1959 standards, the COncrete strength Testing Machine (Electrical & Digital) 100 Tons electrical offered by us are fitted with a motorized pumping unit. This machine is similar to hand operated model and has a motor with 3 phase 440 volts A.C. supply. A copper connecting tube, capable of bearing high pressure connects the pumping unit to the jack. The testing machine is equipped with a junction box that connects the push button starter and the motor.

Sieve shaker

Sieve shaker are manufacture as per is standard, Digital Sieve shaker was used for aggregate analysis for more accurate. Sieve shaker works on 220V Single phase. Our offer sieve shake electrical operated in manual timer & digital timer. It is easily to operate as digital timer come in sec & min mode.