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Concrete testing Equipments

Concrete Permeability Apparatus

  • Single cell model
  • Three cell model
  • Six cell model

Features Of Concrete Permeability Apparatus
  • Each cell has its own control system, operating pressure gauge and valves
  • Angle frame, on which the cell is made, used to fit concrete specimens of 15×15 cm
  • Top of the cell has one valve to allow the pressure on the specimen which further connects with glass tube with the help of pipe
  • Glass tube mounted on the vertical frame and provided without compressor
  • Permeability also available for cement test

Air Entrainment Meter

Air Entrainment Meter is used for determining air content for freshly mixes concrete by pressure method. it is used for 38mm aggregate . it consist of cylindrical measure bowl cover with flanged cover assembly, the pressure gauge is fitted at the top which connect with graduated tube at one side & other side of the tube connect at the cylindrical bowl. also rubber mallet, tamping rod & spray tube & Funnel is also provided.

Flow table

Flow table is used for determine the flow of concrete cement. consist of table top finely machined & mounted on rigid stand. it is hand operated. it is also use in measuring consistency of cement moter & hydrated lime. it is available in 30cm dia. top .

Vertical Capping set

This apparatus can be used in laboratory & field. it consist of base with an upright. There is a recess in the plate for keeping the molten capping compound & position the cylinder complete with cylinder carrier. it is used for 15cm dia. specimen.